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All art is but imitation of nature.

- Seneca, Epistle


 Wonder of Nature 自然奇趣


How can you be so sure to tell that the fish is happy? 子非魚,安知魚之樂?

Yes, we're  so sure and can proudly answer that all the fishes living here are happy. This is a national marine ecological park locatiing in the seashore outside the Paya Island of Langkawi. All inhabitants are protected  by the Malaysian Government and free from the threat of human beings who are actually the most dangerous hunters preying on other creatures on the earth. Sharing their joy by clicking <HERE>

們大可以驕傲及肯定的語氣回答: 「這裡的魚兒是快樂的」。在這浮羅交怡巴雅島的國家海岸生態公園,所有生物都受到馬來亞政府的妥善保護,沒有人類的獵殺,魚兒怎麼會不快樂,點擊<這裡>分享游魚之樂。

Diving  in Langkawi, April 2009

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 Original video taken with Nikon 5000
Moving Text Overlay on Video Taken with Minolta 3i, 2005
Corel Fish Taken with Minolta 3i, 2005
Original video taken with Nikon 5000
jelly fish
Text Overlay on Video Taken with Minolta 3i, 2005
09 diving in Langkawi
Diving in Langkawi,
April 2009
Vancouver Aquarium, 2009

Arts without Boundary

For many years, we've taken video just for fun. Albeit some of our members did work as freelance, video production was too professional for ordinary people. For most of the time, we had little chance to share them with other people. Let alone movie taking, playing back the wheels of film was a nightmare to noice. The great leap-forward of digital technology has empowered everybody simple, practical and affordable equipments for creating his or her own video in a much easier way. Even a cell phone has a built-in video camera capable of taking video as good as the obsolete but expensive super eight film camera for amateur hobbiers. Every body now become a witness as well as a reporter of the great issue at the great moment. Moreover, with the internet, all people in the world can now be your audients seeing what you've seen and hearing what you've heard. We believe that the nature and actual life are the essense of art which will bring inspiration to the artist and vigour to his work in the process of creation.  All these video created by our colleagues are now released to the pubic free of charge under our "UM Free Art License". These are only part of our portfolio. We keep working on the authoring of our archieve and releasing them to the public from time to time. As what we believe in still pictures, they are not just  some kind of artwork but may serve as documentation of the development of our world in the last few decades. Just click and view.